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..♫FirSt Of aLL, im HapY enJOYinG tHis WeB..wELL..
My nAme Is MuHaMMad faUzI BiN MoIn...,14 YeArS OLd,LiVe iN sUbAng PeRdAnA aNd selangor...
iM QuitE FuNKy,VeRy fRieNDLy,qUiTe sEnSitivE(ESpeciALY abOUT my GiRlFrIEnD)...i HaVe 1 CaRing GirL,2 LoVeLy bRoThEr AnD dEaReSt PaReNts..i HaD 1 girlfREnD bEfOrE..BoTh oF tHeM aRe rEaLLY GrEat but JOdOH TaK PaNjaNG..erM..i LoVE skateboard and bmx...
aCtUaLLY i wANTed tO Be a mechanic buT TheN I chANge..i WanT to BE A drifter..
dudOk kat suBang
baEk haTinya periang
iF U wAnt To kNOW MorE abOUT mE,JUz f0ll0w Me tO bE yoUR FreNd.
jgn combunx taw.....

Saturday, January 14, 2012

maaf kn ku sayang kerane aku tidak dpt sempurnekn hari mu....
aku meminte maaf sekire nye aku tk dpt membahagiekn kamu dan bergelak ketawe bersame kamu

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